Has Pennsylvania really closed the gun permit loophole?


The current District Attorney’s office has made it clear that one of its main priorities is to crack down on guns in the city of Philadelphia.  There has been a surge in police arrests relating to firearms in recent years and many citizens who have attempted to remain on the right side of the law of been swept up in the crack down.

Until 2014, people who chose not to obtain a PA permit to carry, could obtain a similar permit from another state, Florida, Arizona and Utah in particular, and that permit would be honored by Pennsylvania under an established reciprocity agreement.  Deemed a “loophole” by the Attorney General’s office, even though many other state’s permit requirements were as stringent or more so than Pennsylvania, these reciprocity agreements were amended in the summer of 2014.  Now Pennsylvania will only honor valid permits issued in other states to residents of those states.

So, those holding out of state permits are out of luck?  Not necessarily.  Under section 6106 there are several exceptions which may apply to out of state permits holders. Notably section 6106 (b)(11) exempts individuals who have a firearm in their vehicle if they have a valid firearm permit issued under the laws of the United States or any other state.   

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