Philadelphia Assault and Homicide Lawyers

Yellow crime scene tape that says "Crime scene do not cross".

We are two of a small community of lawyers who handle homicide cases in Pennsylvania. We also represent people charged with other crimes of violence such as aggravated assault, robbery, and sexual assault.

If you have been charged with first-degree murder, you are looking at either life or death. The mandatory minimum sentence for first-degree murder in Pennsylvania is life imprisonment. In Philadelphia, 85 percent of all homicide cases are death penalty cases (also known as capital cases). More than 75 percent of all Pennsylvania death-penalty cases come out of Philadelphia.

n most cases, the district attorney won't offer a plea agreement in a homicide case that is less than life in prison. Given the choice of a life sentence or death, your only good option is to hire a lawyer willing the fight the charge aggressively.

One advantage defense attorneys have in Philadelphia homicide cases is that the evidence is usually not very strong. If there is a lack of forensic evidence, a guilty or not-guilty verdict will come down to the credibility of the witnesses.

District attorneys often say that it would be great if homicides were committed in front of priests or nuns, but it doesn't usually happen that way. Many of the people who are witnesses in today's homicide case are going to be tomorrow's defendants. A good defense lawyer can kill the credibility of most witnesses the State is going to put on the stand in a homicide case.

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