Defending Drug Charges in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

A syringe possibly filled with illegal drugs.

Defending Drug Charges in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Every year, thousands of people in Philadelphia, Media, Norristown, West Chester, and other towns all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey are arrested by the police and charged with drug crimes.  These crimes can range from possession of a controlled substance, to possession with the intent to distribute and criminal conspiracy.  The police arrest and charge people for the possession and distribution of a wide variety of drugs including; cocaine, both powder and crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and PCP.

Law enforcement can use a number of techniques in their narcotic investigations.  These include the stop and search of vehicles they suspect have drugs inside, surveillance of suspected drug activity, the use of confidential informants, drug-sniffing dogs, and undercover police officers.  It is important to know and protect your rights.  It is even more important to have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense team on your side to fight your case in court. 

The Consequences of a Possession Charge

A drug possession charge is defined as the knowing exercise of control and ownership over a controlled substance in sufficient quantities to trigger a relevant local, state, or federal law (some drugs in some jurisdictions can be legally possessed in small amounts).

Pinpointing the exact consequences of drug charges is a little more complicated, due to the fact that prosecutors have some discretion in how they handle possession charges. Some state attorneys are lenient when it comes to dealing with possession charges, but others can be quite strict.

Sentences for drug possession charges and related charges, depending on the severity and type of drugs, can include:

- Fines

- Probation

- Loss of a driver’s license

- Imprisonment

- Felony charges

Most communities have specific guidelines that increase the severity of the sentence for repeat crimes. This means that those who have been arrested for possession more than once often face harsher prison sentences, while first-time drug possession offenders may possibly avoid jail time, but it may still result in a criminal record.

The specific circumstances of your drug case may play a role in how you are sentenced. Some sentences are harsher, such as when law enforcement believes they can prove an intent to distribute or transport drugs, instead of just minor possession.

However, the consequences of a drug possession charge don't end at the sentencing. In fact, drug charges can put a blemish on your record and show up on any background check that comes with a job application. Did you also know that federal law may prohibit students with drug-related criminal charges from receiving federal student aid?

An Experienced Drug Crimes Trial Attorney On Your Side

Not all drug charges result in the same penalties if you are convicted. In fact, the criminal defense lawyer and law office you hire may be the difference between months or years in prison.

Have you been charged with a drug offense? Time is of the essence. Contact us as soon as possible after your arrest for a free consultation with our law office. We will explain the court process and immediately begin working on an effective drug crimes defense strategy if you are facing any of the following drug offenses:

- Possession of drug paraphernalia or a controlled substance

- Drug possession charges, including marijuana possession charges, heroin or cocaine possession and distribution, and others

- Drug crimes involving synthetic drugs like K2, spice, Molly, MDMA, bath salts, synthetic marijuana, and others

- Possession of marijuana or other drugs with intent to sell and deliver

- Prescription drug crimes, including prescription drug fraud, forgery, and doctor shopping

- Drug trafficking

- Conspiracy to traffic drugs

- Cultivation and manufacturing

- Distributing drugs to minors

At Scarpello & LaTour, we have successfully represented thousands of clients who have been charged with drug possession and possession with the intent to distribute. Speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys today about your case and we can discuss all your options to win your case, including motions to suppress evidence, statements, and motions to reveal the identity of confidential informants used by the police.

A serious drug conviction can have a devastating effect on your life. That's why our law firm offers a free initial consultation to explain your options in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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