Josh Scarpello & Pierre LaTour are former Philadelphia District Attorneys who prosecuted DUI/DWI cases, drug offenses, gun charges, sex crimes, assault, embezzlement, and other types of charges. Today they use the experience gained as prosecutors to defend people charged in crimes.

Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers Josh Scarpello and Pierre LaTour out in Philadelphia meeting people.

From 1998 to 2003, we were Philadelphia District Attorneys prosecuting cases such as DUI/DWI, drug offenses, gun charges, sex crimes, assault, embezzlement, and other types of crimes. During those five years, we gained extensive experience trying cases. We have handled hundreds of trials in front of judges and juries in Philadelphia. That's what you do as district attorneys.

We now use the experience we gained as a prosecutors to defend people charged. We handle cases not only in Philadelphia but in nearby areas of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties. We handle federal cases and serious charges such as murder and mandatory minimum drug cases in Harrisburg, Johnstown, and throughout Pennsylvania.

What sets us apart from most other criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia is our willingness to try cases. Some lawyers would try to force their client to accept any plea deal, rather than risk going to trial and losing the case. However, sometimes you need to try a case to obtain the best outcome. If you can walk into a conference with the prosecutor, unafraid to go to trial, your leverage is immense.

Going to trial isn't always the best option. We can pick up the phone and negotiate favorable plea bargains on behalf of our clients in many cases. Our goal is to obtain the best outcome for our clients, whether it is a diversion program, a plea deal, or a trial. We'll make a recommendation to you based on our experience and the facts of your case. It will always be your call whether you want to go to trial.

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