Philadelphia Sex Charge Lawyers

Headline in a news paper about sex crimes and girls' lives.

Mandatory minimum jail sentences and lifetime registration as a sex offender are the primary concerns for anyone arrested on a sex charge. If you are convicted or plead guilty to certain sex offenses, Megan's law (sex offender registration) automatically applies. There are two parts to Megan's law. First you will be evaluated. That evaluation will determine whether or not you will be labeled a violent sexual predator. If you are labeled a violent sexual predator, you will have to register with local police for the rest of your life and your name and picture will be on a web site with other sexual predators.

Some of the most common sex charges which are subject to Megan's law and mandatory minimum sentences are:

  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Internet sex crimes/child pornography
  • Sexual molestation of a child

As criminal defense lawyers, our goal is not only to keep you out of prison, but to keep you from being evaluated under Megan's law and having to register as a sex offender. Even if you are found to be a violent sexual predator under Megan's Law, that is a "rebuttable presumption." You are entitled to a hearing where you can bring in your own witnesses.
There are defenses to sex charges. Those defenses include forensics, suppression of evidence, and challenging the credibility of people who testify against you.
Our background as former district attorneys help us in attempts to negotiate plea bargains to charges that are not subject to mandatory minimum sentences or to evaluation under Megan's Law.

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