Holiday DUI Statistics for Pennsylvania

Increase in DUIs and Accidents

For many, the holiday season brings an overwhelming sense of joy. Unfortunately, it also tends to bring an increase in Pennsylvania DUIs and accidents.

And, this year, in particular, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Pennsylvania was an especially dangerous one.

According to a Pittsburgh news source, this year Pennsylvania experienced more car accidents and saw more arrests for driving under the influence than last year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The state police reportedly investigated 1,116 crashes over the duration of Nov. 21 through Nov. 25, which was a 13.8% increase from those dates last year.

Out of those 1,116 accidents, there were “80 alcohol-related incidents, 213 injuries, and four deaths.” However, police revealed that alcohol did not play a factor in any of the fatal accidents.

Over that five-day period, state troopers made 637 DUI arrests, which was an increase from last year’s 629.

Police Enforcement Statistics

The full police enforcement results from that five-day holiday weekend along with a comparison to last year can be found below. Please keep in mind that these numbers only represent state police investigations, not local Pennsylvania police departments.

Source: Pittsburgh’s Action News

Accident Stats:

Total Crashes

2017 - 981

2018 - 1,116

Fatal Crashes

2017 - 4

2018 - 4

Individuals Killed

2017 - 4

2018 - 4

Individuals Injured

2017 - 209

2018 - 213

Alcohol-Related Fatal Crashes

2017 - 85

2018 - 0

Enforcement Stats:

DUI Arrests

2017 - 629

2018 - 637

Speeding Citations

2017 - 15,912

2018 - 13,863

Child Seat Citations

2017 - 172

2018 - 136

Seat Belt Citations

2017 - 1,125

2018 - 1,256

Other Citations

2017 - 15,211

2018 - 18,320

Nationwide Holiday Drunk Driving Facts

Unfortunately, year after year, hundreds of lives are lost around the holiday season due to drunk drivers. Looking over the past five years, each holiday season 300 people on average have died in a drunk driving crash in the week between Christmas and New Year.

In addition, alcohol-related impairment is responsible for more than a quarter of all car accident fatalities. Back in 2016, a devastating 781 people lost their lives in the month of December alone due to drunk-driving-induced crashes.

Drunk driving is a serious offense, and is against the law in every state in the U.S., District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and can result in a license suspension or even jail time depending on your blood alcohol level and whether or not you have any previous DUI convictions.

Law enforcement agencies take extra caution around the holiday season to decrease the number of alcohol-related accidents by increasing patrols. Drivers can also expect to see more advertisements featuring the brutal consequences of drunk-driving around this time of year.

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