Back to school: what are your rights?

If you attend one of the dozens of colleges or universities around Philadelphia, you are subject to your school's student code of conduct.  A code of conduct sets limits on student behavior.  A student found in violation of the code of conduct may be punished.  Sanctions include reprimand, suspension, and full expulsion.  In some cases, violations of the student code of conduct may be referred to the prosecutor's office for criminal charges.

If you are a student and have been accused by another student or university employee of violating the code or conduct or the criminal law, it is important to know your rights. 

The attorneys at Scarpello & LaTour have represented students in disciplinary hearings at local universities, such as Temple, Villanova, and Drexel.  We have successfully defended our clients in hearings before student disciplinary boards for complaints ranging from sexual assault, theft, and drug selling. 

If are a student facing a student disciplinary hearing,  or if you have been charged with a crime for something that occurred on or off campus, the attorneys at Scarpello & LaTour can help.  Your college degree and your future are too important.  Call now to speak to an attorney.  We fight for what matters most - you.